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Sunday, September 23, 2007
Doll in the window
Anna was not one of those chubby little dolls with blond curls and blue eyes that little girls love to have.
Her hair was brown, her eyes were brown, her lips didn’t smile and she was rather thin. She had been in the window of “Fantastic Toys” shop for too long. It wasn’t very nice in the window. Usually it was extremely hot, as the sunrays fell on the window during the largest part of the day. Not to mention everyone staring at the toys, so that they couldn’t have a single private moment.
Each time someone decided to buy Anna, it wasn’t very long until they brought her back.

First, it was this weird family that wanted Anna as decoration for the doghouse. Anna had a hard time there. She couldn’t stand the smell and the dog seemed to be frightened of her. So, she started to feel bored. She tried once or twice to start a conversation with the dog, but he ran away, terrified.
They brought her back to the shop and asked for their money back. They said something was really wrong with that doll; there was something weird and scary about her. As the family was a very good customer of “Fantastic Toys”, Patrick, the owner took her back. He cleaned her dress; he combed her hair and put her again in the window.

Then, a little girl came along with her father. He was carrying tens and tens of toys for her daughter already but she had seen Anna in the window and she just had to have her, because Anna looked so unusual. Daddy, who has just divorced the little girl’s mother would do anything her daughter asked him to, so Anna was put again in a box and traveled to her new home.
At first everything was fine except for the little girl combing Anna all day long. A few days later the little girl started to ask Anna to say “mommy” and do “pipi” again and again, because all the other dolls she had they could do such things. Anna of course was not made for doing things like these and stayed silent. After the 98th time the little had asked Anna to say “mommy” with no success, she slapped the doll in her face. Anna bit the little girl’s hand with anger. That was it…The little girl started to scream and didn’t stop until the doll was back in the window of “Fantastic Toys” and the girl’s father took his money back.
Patrick thought that something might be wrong with the doll after all…

A month later, a tall guy stepped into the shop, got Anna, left more money at the cashier than Patrick had asked for the doll and left in a hurry.
When they entered his house, Anna froze. The house was full of paintings that had broken doll limbs stuck on them. He was a famous artist that used parts of broken dolls to create his unusual sculptures and paintings. He didn’t use Anna at once. He put her on a shelf and continued his work on some unfinished paintings. Anna became friends with his dog, Paco during her stay there. Then the day came. The painter took Anna in his hands and tried to pull her legs and her arms apart! Anna started to scream. Paco rushed into the room, grabbed Anna in his mouth and ran. A few minutes later the dog and the doll were in front of the “Fantastic Toys”. Paco left Anna on the doorstep and left.
Patrick found Anna sitting in front of his door the next morning. He looked at her, puzzled, and said to himself “I think I have the perfect place for her”. He took her home, a beautiful apartment on the top of a baroque building and placed Anna behind his bedroom window, so that she could enjoy the beautiful city view. Anna was ecstatic. For the first time in her life she had a room with a view and nobody around to ask her to be something she didn’t want to. She was alone of course, but who knows…maybe Patrick, the nicest person in the world, would have some children some day and then Anna would have company.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007
Children cry

Help those who suffer from poverty and hunger.

Stop the child's cry


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